Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls! Oh my!

Halloween is right around the corner and neighborhoods will soon be filled with excited candy seeking kids wearing all sorts of costumes. For the kids Halloween is exciting, the one day a year where they get to dress as crazy as they want without being told to change, and they get rewarded for it with candy too.

As fun as Halloween is for the kids, it can be downright scary for our dogs. We look out the window and see kids in cute (or scary) costumes, your dog looks out the window and thinks there has been an alien invasion. Dogs don’t understand the concept of “removable parts” so they don’t realize that under all the masks, wings, and make up there really are children. Even if your dog adores kids, the sight of a kid in a costume can scare him.

As a responsible dog owner it is your job to keep your dog feeling safe and to keep him from accidentally injuring anyone. Here are some tips to keep everyone safe, happy and having fun this Halloween.

  1. To keep your dog from bolting out the door consider keeping him on leash or using a baby gate to keep him away from the door. This allows him to still be a part of the action, while keeping him safely contained.
  2. If you have an outdoor dog consider bringing him in for the night.
  3. Keep all candy up and away from your dog. Dogs love sweet things and that big bowl of candy will be very tempting.
  4. If your dog is skittish or reactive, crate her with a yummy chew toy or stuffed Kong until the action dies down. We all want our dogs to part of things, but it’s not always best for the dog. Trust me, your dog won’t be mad because he didn’t get to see little Timmy dressed as Batman.
  5. Leave your dog safely at home while out trick or treating with the kids. If you decide you just can’t leave Fido at home, watch carefully for signs of stress. If he starts getting stressed, he needs to go home. A stressed dog is more likely to bite.Here you can download a poster on fear signals your dog may give You’ll have to fill out the info at the right, but don’t worry they won’t spam you or sell your email.  As always bring along pick up bags as well.
  6. Make sure your children know they are not allowed to tease dogs. Some kids find it funny to scare a dog or make it bark and growl. It is not funny, and could be dangerous.

We hope these tips help you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween.

Taken from my publishing site with some alterations. I did not like the amount of ads (I had no control over that or what they showed) that constantly popped up there and will be moving all my content away from it.


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